IR ARO pumps in Australia

What You Should Know About IR ARO’s New EVO Series

Ingersoll Rand is one of the world’s leading pump brands, as they are always looking to evolve and improve their products. One of their latest objectives is to ensure that their pumps operate as sustainably as possible, and this goal has been reached with their new EVO series.

As suppliers of IR ARO pumps in Australia, Airdraulics uses this article to shed some light on the new series of pumps by IR ARO.

What Is The EVO Series?

IR ARO’s latest line of air-operated diaphragm pumps is called the EVO Series, and the goal for this series was for the pumps to be highly energy efficient, providing energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint for operators.

The EVO electric diaphragm pumps differ from many of IR ARO’s other diaphragm pumps as there is no need for compressed air. The electric pumps offer better process efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Making use of the latest in electric pump technology provides businesses with the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and position themselves as sustainable operations.

IR ARO pumps in Australia

The Difference In Technology

While most positive displacement pumps offer under 60% efficiency, with some solutions being as low as 10%, the new EVO range is said to achieve as much as 70% efficiency at a consistent rate. Over time, this difference in technology will truly make all the difference.

The EVO series has been specifically designed to minimise the loss of heat, vibration and noise ‒ all of which result in a drop in efficiency. Instead, these pumps conserve these factors and use them to their advantage.

An innovative triple diaphragm design has been used, which allows for greater balance and is to thank for the reduced loss of potential energy. The reduction in noise and vibration also makes for a quieter, smoother operation.

One of the other main advantages is that the EVO series pumps do not generate much heat during operation, making the pump perfect for potentially hazardous environments and potentially hazardous fluids.

The possibilities that the EVO series offers are truly incredible, and Ingersoll Rand should be commended for their commitment to sustainability and providing sustainable solutions for their clients.

 Airdraulics is a proud supplier of IR ARO pumps in Australia. We offer both air-operated diaphragm pumps as well as IR ARO’s piston pumps. Find out more about these pumps, and others, on our website and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about the products that we supply.

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