Mobile Column Lifts

Common Myths & Misconceptions About Mobile Column Lifts

When it comes to different types of vehicle lifts, it feels as though everybody has a different opinion, and this can make making the right choice very challenging indeed. Mobile column lifts in particular are shrouded in many misconceptions, which can sometimes deter people from investing in these lifts.

This is really a pit as mobile column lifts really have a lot to offer your workshop, and can be the ideal lifting solution for many workshop owners.

As a company that has sold dozens of mobile column lifts over the years, we feel as though we are the right authority to separate fact from fiction.

“They Have Low Lifting Capacities”

This is where the term ‘mobile’ comes into play. Many people associated this word with lower lifting capacities but that simply isn’t the case. While there are mobile column lifts that are suited for smaller, passenger vehicles, there are also many heavy-duty column lifts out there that have truly impressive lifting capabilities and can lift huge trucks with the right configuration.

Mobile Column Lifts

“Safety is an Issue”

The fact that mobile column lifts can be moved around makes many people assume that they can’t be as sturdy as lifts that are permanently bolted to the concrete floor. But the cutting-edge technology, which gives these lifts their mobility, is to thank for the safety provided, There is no need for a fixed installation, and if safety guidelines are followed, you can enjoy extremely safe operation.

“They Are Designed for Shorter Vehicles”

Upon first glance, it may appear that these lifts are designed to lift shorter, smaller vehicles, but their versatility really shines when it comes to the different types of configurations available. You can actually light large 8-wheel vehicles without issue, allowing you to work on a variety of buses, vans and trucks with mobile column lifts.

“They are Challenging to Set Up”

Mobile column lifts are actually surprisingly simple to set up. You do not bring the vehicle to the lift, but instead, you bring the luft to the vehicle, and even inexperienced mechanics can get a hang of the way in which these lifts work very easily.

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