NTEP-certified floor scales

Benefits Of Using NTEP-Certified Floor Scales In Industrial Applications

As the manufacturing industry is growing rapidly, the use of weight-measuring instruments has also increased. However, to maintain the accuracy rates, it is important only to use NTEP-certified floor scales in industrial applications.

Floor scales are widely used in industrial fields like agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing. If you’re searching for good-quality scales, consider Prime Scales, as we have everything to meet your requirements.

Here we will discuss some popular benefits of using floor scales, especially in industrial areas.

NTEP Certifications

Before highlighting the benefits of certified scales, let’s discuss what exactly an NTEP certificate is. Basically, NTEP stands for National Type Evaluation Program, which ensures that measuring scales fulfill the national standards of accuracy, performance, and safety.

Moreover, the NTEP certificate provides the authority that the specific measuring scale can be utilized for weight-measuring purposes. This certificate includes details like model number, capacity, accuracy class, etc.

Benefits Of NTEP-Certified Scales

National Type Evaluation Program-certified scales serve various benefits in the industry field. Here are some top advantages you can get by purchasing them.

NTEP-certified floor scales

Precision and Accuracy

In the industrial sector, getting accurate and precise measurements is crucial. In case of any inaccuracy, there are high chances of extreme financial losses. Inaccurate weight measurements can lead to overpayment for goods or underpayment for sales.

To get the most accurate weight measurements, NTEP-certified scales are the best option. These scales have undergone extreme testing, which ensures that each measurement will be error-free.

Moreover, these scales are designed to detect even the smallest weight fluctuations. So, accuracy is one of the greatest benefits of these scales, resulting in improved productivity.

Durability and Reliability

Floor scales are mainly used in areas that involve heavy loads and harsh environments. It is essential to use scales that can withstand extreme conditions without damage.

Using NTEP-certified scales is extremely beneficial for heavy loads as they are made of durable materials. Moreover, these scales also come with warranties ensuring the equipment will operate correctly and efficiently.

Improved Safety

Scales with NTEP certification are risk-free and fulfill all security requirements. These leading scales come with features like anti-slip surfaces, guardrails, and ramps, reducing the risk of equipment damage.

On the contrary, low-quality or non-NTEP-certified scales can increase the risk of accidents and injuries.

Cost Effective

Buying certified scales reduces the need for frequent repairs and replacements, resulting in fewer financial losses. On the other hand, low-quality scales can require more repair in a short period resulting in high economic losses.

Improved Quality Control

Certified scales are extremely beneficial for large businesses and help them measure the exact amounts. These accurate measuring instruments are valuable in industries requiring precise measurements, like pharmaceutical and food processing.


It is essential to include scales that deliver accurate results in industrial sectors. NTEP-certified floor scales are considered extremely valuable as they meet all the measurement standards.

If you want high-quality scales, we recommend visiting Prime Scales. Our scales meet all the standards of NTEP and are extremely beneficial to use in various fields.

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