Factors affecting the efficiency of cooling towers

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Factors affecting the efficiency of cooling towers

Cooling towers and commercial air coolers are being used all over the world for industrial purposes. Several kinds of commercial air coolers can be used for multiple purposes. Some of the primary purposes for using them are electric power generation, manufacturing and air conditioning. To take the maximum benefits from these machines, humans must use them carefully. Several factors affect the efficiency of commercial air coolers, and out of them, some of them are written in this article.

Overflow of water

The level of water in the cooling towers and commercial air coolers are pre-set. The workers must check the water level in the towers. Otherwise, the efficiency of the towers will be affected, and a lot of water will be wasted.


The towers must be checked regularly by the workers so that there must not be any leakage in the pipes or any other part of the cooling tower and commercial air coolers. Sometimes the leakage is not visible from the outside, so a detailed examination after a specific time is necessary. If there is any leakage in the air coolers, then their efficiency will be disturbed.

Untidy cooling tower

Cleanliness improves the efficiency of the cooling towers and commercial air coolers. If the coolers are not clean, then they may harm the overall ability of the coolers. Untidy machines take longer to provide you with the minimum benefits. To get the maximum output from these machines they must be cleaned regularly.


The rate of evaporation must be according to the needs of the environment. Disturbed or uncontrolled rate of evaporation is one of the main factors that harm the overall efficiency of the cooling towers. Either the rate of evaporation is less or more than the needed rate, the effectiveness of the machines will be disturbed. To set the evaporation rate of the towers, it is necessary to get an opinion from an expert.

Delay in a detailed inspection

Regular detailed inspection of the cooling towers and commercial air coolers is necessary. There could be some problems within the towers which cannot be found without thorough examination. So, a detailed analysis by the experts helps to find the problem within the cooling towers and commercial air coolers. The solution is always there but finding the problem is the key.

Maintenance of the machines always increases the life time and efficiency of them, so they must be maintained in order to get maximum benefits.

Jayden Kitchen
Jayden Kitchen